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Since 2004, Hou has released "Alien Loves Predator," a web comic that recasts the 2 creatures as walking, talking, jovially combative friends and roommates getting by in NYC.

The Alien is called "Abe," and "Preston" is the Predator's name. Abe's the kind of jerk who'd mutely stare at a woman's chest (not even on a date, just anywhere), but he'd admit it if the woman asked. ) sensitive guy, but he's less confident and direct.

Alien Loves Predator, or ALP, (2004-) is a webcomic written by Bernie Hou. Predator, ALP presents an Alien (named Abe) and a Predator (named Preston) as friends and roommates in current-day New York City. There is currently no mention of the the status of either Mr.

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It is also on Facebook, and you can follow Bernie on Twitter.Alien Loves Predator, written by Bernie Hou attempts to answer this age-old question. 14, 2004 and has been updating irregularly ever since.This is actually a comic I’ve been following on and off for about four years, as I’ve found it definitely pays off to let the updates accumulate and plow through them all in one chunk.Preston mocks his friend relentlessly, but Abe is the kind of guy who could burn the place down, so he deserves it.A New York sensibility shows up throughout the writing.

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