Bae yong joon dating

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Bae Yong-joon (born August 29, 1972) is a South Korean actor and businessman.

He starred in numerous television dramas, notably Winter Sonata which became one of the major proponents of the Korean Wave.

After dating for three months, they announced their engagement in May and shocked many when they brought forward their wedding.

However, the couple has denied that it was a shotgun wedding.

He added Bae and Koo did not travel to Japan together but went on separate itineraries and met up there.

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Afterwards he worked with director Hur Jin-ho in April Snow (2005), about a stage lighting director who discovers his wife's infidelity when she becomes comatose after a near-fatal car accident with her lover.I’m sorry that I cannot share this joyous moment with all of you, but I promise to be an excellent head of the household.” However, photos of the pair during the exchanging of vows were still leaked online by reporters showing off Yong Joon’s new haircut and Soo Jin’s conservative white wedding gown.The couple met when Soo Jin signed on to Key East Entertainment, a management agency founded by Yong Joon, last year.Bae had been careful to shield her from the media and was apparently surprised by the press coverage.He sent text messages to his close friends expressing his discomfort at the publicity.

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