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While Phoebe is away, Rachel flirts with Ross, Chandler tries to convince Monica that he is boyfriend material and Joey wants to get everyone to play strip poker. Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her head and tells Ross about her feelings. In all of Bonnie's scenes in which she has her head shaved, she is always shown wearing a towel around her neck.The towel hides her real hair, which otherwise would be visible coming out of the back of the latex bald cap she's wearing.The Bouddi Peninsula is made of up wild escapements of apricot sandstone cliffs and spectacular coastal walks offering panoramic ocean views.Lobster Beach, Box Head and the surf break at Tallow Beach are all within easy walking distance, while Killcare surf beach, Putty Beach, magical Maitland Bay and the quaint seaside villages of Killcare, Wagstaffe and Hardys Bay are all close by.The serene and quintessentially Australian bushland setting of the NSW Bouddi National Park, offers rest and relaxation to nature lovers looking for an idyllic escape within a pristine environment without forgoing all of the luxuries of world class hotel.Located on the southern most point of the NSW Central Coast, our luxurious retreat is nestled within the beauty of mother nature and is only a 20 minute ferry trip from Sydney's famous Palm Beach or an exhilarating 20min flight from Sydney (by helicopter or seaplane).In the late afternoon, the kids started playing soccer, the horsemen began to return from the fields, and the lights came on in the little fishermen’s cottages.It’s hard to explain the attraction, but I just sat there, spellbound,” he remembers.

A sophisticated and private guesthouse in a wondrous setting just 90 minutes drive north of Sydney.

In the next shot you can briefly see there is no castle in the glass again. See more » This episode is a fun way to end the third series of the show, with the door being left open for a Ross and Rachel reunion.

The Pheobe story line though important for the character overall isn't that funny, despite Lisa Kudrow giving her all as always.

I liked the Monica and Chandler scenes too, and it's interesting to look back at this episode knowing what happens with these characters later on.

I wouldn't say that this is the best episode of the show ever, but it is an improvement on a couple towards the end of series 3 and was enjoyable.

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