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After graduation, he enrolled the University of California in Los Angles.He started his career as a stand-up comedian in different clubs in Los Angeles.In the 1984 he participated in the popular comedy television show “Star Search.” and became a winner and earned the title of the grand champion and 100 thousand dollars.Afterwards he appeared as a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.But last week, The Post’s Don Kaplan reported Garrett already has an unidentified girlfriend.When our photographer snapped Garrett with the mystery woman (inset photo), the 6-foot-8 1/2 actor sprayed him with water and threatened to “pop” him."So, if we were going to do reality, I wanted to do something about a middle-aged guy, like The Anti-Bachelor, as opposed to this mannequin holding a rose with 35 really hot women to choose from." Garrett, who will begin shooting the dates in mid-July, is hoping to show the humor and reality of middle-aged dating mixed with his candid style. "But if you're looking for a free meal and somebody who will definitely eat more than you, then I'm your guy." He won't know anything about the women until the date begins, but he says the ones who apply will understand the purpose of the show.

“We had an AMBER Alert the other night when we went to the movies.”... “And then he looks at her and goes, ‘You being kidnapped, honey?He spent a lot of time by working in such places like “The Improv”and “The Ice House”.During 1985-1986 he tried himself as a voice actor for Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling cartoon series, where he was Hulk Hogan.During their bitter split, Alec paid Pellicano ,000, loaned him another ,000 and treated his family to a Hawaiian vacation, according to court papers.In return, Pellicano taped Lisa’s private conversations with Tom.

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