Dating a surgeon

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Beverly Hills is a fashionable residential area for show business personalities.

In a city where the way you present yourself and your looks are very important, Epione receives a lot of credit from clients and their client's loved ones. Doctor Simon Ourian's Epione is one of top Los Angeles cosmetic plastic surgery practices in the industry.

I just saw him hanging from the tree.'I thought he had been electrocuted or something, but I thought he was dead.'I think his head was still attached to his body.'After dialling 999 she added: 'Whilst I was there and waiting for the ambulance, his friends, or whoever he was working with at the time, put a ladder up against the tree.'I remember one banging the ladder against the tree.'Then he went up the ladder and went to get the man to bring him down.'Another was standing on a roof nearby. It was horrible.'Emotional friends and relatives stared at the ladder this afternoon where Mr Bulbuc sustained his fatal injury.

One of Britain's top heart surgeons sexually assaulted five women at work after assuming they would not dare to complain about a doctor of his 'well-deserved renown', a court heard.

The consultant surgeon, whose wife worked part-time at Harefield, also groped three other women there over a 13 year period between 20.

Dying on the waiting list, all of that sort of behaviour.'The court heard that after raping one woman in his office, he forced her to carry out a sex act on him.

Surgery and entertainment don't immediately stick in one's head as being a match made in heaven.

Prosecutor Peter Clement told the Old Bailey that Amrani was 'a leading heart and transplant surgeon of well-deserved renown'.

He said: 'Mohammed Amrani was held in the highest regard by those who worked with him.'But there was another side to him: One who exhibited sexualised behaviour.'It wasn't just banter, it was obscene and descended to assaults by way of grabbing (victims') breasts - over and under clothing - of grabbing their genitalia; of patting another's backside and in the case of one digitally penetrating her vagina and anus before raping her in his office at the hospital.'Mr Clement said that most of his victims decided not to make a formal complaint at the time.

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