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There’s high tech, low tech, and then there’s sex tech, that naughty world often talked about in hushed tones.He and his cohorts talk about breasts or dildos or anything else that comes to mind.“It shows that if you have a product that is accessible enough, you can actually break down all the barriers and talk about sex,” Morton said.“That’s what’s been really interesting about my podcast. It makes it safe.”Despite the wide use of dating apps, more people are seeking connections richer and more meaningful than fleeting hookups.In honor of Valentine’s Day, General Assembly hosted a panel of dating, sex, and sexual health experts at The Hoxton, Shoreditch, in London for a lively discussion about the future of sex and dating in the digital world.Here are the speakers’ insights about today’s intersection of sex and technology, and their hopes, concerns, and predictions for the future.

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