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Or maybe because most think they are natural born marketing geniuses but usually end up with over-inflated egos and little substance when it come to the crunch? What you're doing is nothing more than SPAM and you're better off reading some of the wisdom on the web on internet dating (like "don't spam" and "refer to something in the persons profile, something that you have in common") than bemoaning your fate on this forum.

From my years spent overseas, my 2 cents say, 99.9% of the smart girls know that indians in date sites are out for free sex, fun, and everything, with ZERO intention of anything permanent / steady ..

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Isa sa mga palatandaan ay ang pagkakaroon ng rhythmic contraction o panginginig ng pelvic floor sa pribadong bahagi ng babae.

Tinalakay din niya ang isang paraan upang madali at matagumpay itong makamit.

Ani Marquez, may mga pagkakataon na pinepeke ng babae ang kanyang orgasm upang hindi madismaya ang asawa, pero hindi ibig sabihin nito ay wala na ang pagmamahal.

And that the guys, despite all their swearing and huffing and puffing, will only marry the girl his mama chooses ..

(and that also includes fellow Indian Girls, who avoid the countrymen for the same reason ..

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