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This is not a sign of becoming detached from their children or being lonely, but simply reflects a need for other adult company and to have some fun.

Lots of single parents feel they are still young enough to potentially form a new relationship with someone else.

But for those divorced parents who opt to rejoin the ranks of adults searching for love and companionship, having a child can be an additional hurdle in an already delicate dance.

When I finally returned to the dating game, after a rather lengthy and ugly divorce, I was almost positive that I would be seen as damaged goods.

The good news is that life does not have to end when your marriage does.

Likewise, divorce does not sentence an individual to being a single parent for the rest of their life.

While that 50 percent statistic may no longer be true as of 2014 (and may have actually been a myth back then as well), modern relationships seem to be more complicated than ever.

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As a youth, I was taught that one in every 2 marriages would end in divorce.

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