Dating wednesday pity

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You see, my boyfriend and I had been dating for seven years.

And it’s because of that – and the memory of the creeping pressure on my husband and me to get married – that my fullest sympathies, as well as congratulations, go out to Kim Sears.

If only our inner dialogue was as supportive of our dreams as it is of our vices! You still behaved as great as you wish your day had gone.

But, instead of declaring it as one, having fun with it, and truly do what it takes to get out of it (helpful hint: take a look at my integrity), I stared at it wondering which came first, the blahs or the blog.

On opening Play Music on Android, i OS or the web you'll now be greeted with suggestions based on predictions of what you're doing at that very moment.

For example, it may say: "It's Wednesday morning - play music for 'Singing in the shower', 'Commuting' or 'The school run'."Choosing one of these will offer up a selection of more specific playlists.

The new contextually-aware feature brings Google's Now service to mind, although right now the two services aren't integrated - however Songza co-founder Elias Roman said it was on their mind."We don't think the future of content in general is people having to find things, we think it's things finding people.

The former Rocky III and A-Team star has been confirmed for season 24 of the popular show, which made the announcement this morning on Good Morning America.

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