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This Wonder Woman description of an entrepreneurial, family-oriented, enterprising, virtuous woman is a whole lot of woman.

#Goals I’m only concerned with the obsession we have over either of them. Does this mean they are not to be “highly praised”?

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I will resist the temptation to talk about the overwhelming (spirit) attitude of entitlement in the house of prayer – although this is the thesis of my passage. Yes, you singles waiting on your Boaz and your Proverbs 31 woman… let me say that there is nothing wrong with having goals for the kind of life you want to live.

There is nothing wrong with having a standard for yourself that filters out the undesirables. He was a rich landowner who essentially fell for a broke girl and brought her into wealth.

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#You Are Loved" src=" ig_cache_key=MTQ0Mjky OTAz Mz Qy Nz Aw Nj I2Ng==.2" captionid='1442929033427006266' captionhash='00ab6a6fe884efb319e437be281f89aa' search=''️ src=" admiring their qualities and contributions are good, I’m thinking about the self worth and esteem given to all of the other men and women around them. The truth is, for every Boaz or Wonder Woman, there are so many more despondent people hurt about not being the lead character or key player. What would Boaz see in you: a poor girl looking for a rich man or a family oriented woman who is loyal to her friends and is a good listener?What would the virtuous woman see in you: a boy-sized ego, jealous of the fact that she doesn’t even need you to provide or a fellow businessman who is concerned with generational wealth and family values?• What is an example of a wonderful deed you thank God for or have thanked him for in the past?Psalm 43:3 says “Send(shoot out) forth your light and your truth, let them guide me” The truth gives us hope to go forward.

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