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Before I start to work with our terahertz laser research setup I always scan the entire area with the FLIR i7 thermal imaging camera to detect infrared laser beams that are projected in the wrong direction, to make sure that it is safe. I also use it to monitor overheating electrical equipment and gas valves, tubes and tanks.

Yong Ma, Research Assistant at the Microsystem Technology Group , School of Engineering, at the University of Glasgow Figure 2.

Simply download the app, scan the QR code on the system, and enter your password to start viewing live video from your cameras.

The app allows you to: - View live video from multiple cameras. - High-speed Internet access and a router (not included) are required.

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You can see an example of Rapid Recap above (that's just one dog).We wear goggles to prevent damage to our eyes, but if the invisible beam would hit our clothing or skin it might cause serious accidents.That’s why we need safety equipment in order to spot these invisible beams, which is where the FLIR thermal imaging camera comes into play.Introduction Ensuring Researcher Safety Visualizing Invisible Infrared Beams Aligning Optical Equipment Finding Explosives or Drugs Conclusion Invisible infrared beams produced by some lasers may create a fire or harm to users, and therefore, a high level of care must be taken while operating lasers to avoid such risks.The FLIR i7 thermal imaging camera used by researchers at the laser room of the University of Glasgow helps them to safely operate their terahertz laser research setup (Figure 1).

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