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Even if AMerican LAW was in ALbania people are going to think that way still, DONT MESS WITH NOBODY's HONOR, they think that all the time, they dotn have to use the word HONOR because thats the whole concept. I mean they study alot but they do not act fake, they act normal. You do that and u dead, and call us whatever then, name us things. You think u are the man because u blowed ur self up? U are a coward because u do whatever other people tell u to do and u do not follow ur heart and u do not have honor that way. It is true that Albanian dictator ENVER HOXHa proclaimed ALBANIA the very first and only ATHEIST country in the world but he did that to end religion hate, which albanians never had, but outside world gave many relics about it which gave conflicts in albanian minds thinking bad for their own blood just because they think differnt.

ALbanians know this and they do not do that,if they mess with someone they know the concenquences. ALBANIANS are belivers of TRUTH and REALITY, not belivers of religion. I AM AN ATHEIST TO RELIGIONS, thats the whole idea to define the word ATHEIST for ALBANIANSTo Who Cares ..

While TB generally strikes more men than women, it remains among the top five causes of death for women between 15 and 44 in low- and middle-income countries.

As for malaria, pregnant women are particularly susceptible to this disease, which can also cause miscarriage, low birth weight or premature births.

These vulnerabilities are exacerbated by gender inequality and discrimination.

Biomedical interventions such as access to ARVs or condoms for prevention, while urgent and necessary, will not reduce their vulnerability to HIV.

• Brazil - 0 to 0 for one hour with high-end escort.Similarly, human trafficking, forced prostitution, and other abusive activities are also prohibited.International world prostitution prices below and the money paid to prostitutes is quoted in U. There are huge price differences between prostitute types. After that comes massage salon workers and bar girls. Of course we have the system of law there but why would u want to mess with someone though? HONOR wether visible or non, by ALbanians is the main GOD. To live in Albania is to live free, do whatever, go whereever, but just dont mess with nobody. In america the only thing u dotn have to mess with is LAW, in ALbania is people.

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