Intimidating features

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It could mean the difference between dating and intimidating.

But first, let’s dispel the number one cliché about dating intimidation: being too attractive.

These are cool, but few without a math degree have any intuition for what the terms mean.

Compare these to terms from other languages: class, iterator, loop, template.

However, this article will focus on something equally important.

It’s no secret that most people consider Haskell not just a difficult language to learn technically, but an intimidating language. People seem to give up on Haskell at a higher rate than most other languages. People have long considered Haskell primarily as a research language.

And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t someone looking for geeky attention or a propped up fantasy. But “intimidating” is almost uselessly vague, especially if they keeps coming up; it covers a multitude of meanings to the point that it means everything and nothing at once.

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