Leonard whiting and olivia hussey dating fossil succession relative dating

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And I became curious to know what had become of those young actors. Olivia had just turned 16 when the filming began in Italy in the spring of that year, and Leonard was about to turn 17.She was only 15 and he was 16 when they met earlier that year. I wondered why that was, and I set out on a quest to find out what happened to the stars of that film. Frankly, after that, he virtually disappeared, appearing in a handful of films that did not garner near the attention or success of magazine article published in 1992, Leonard became a writer after retiring from films in the mid-1970s, though he is as yet unpublished. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year in 1968.She was born in Buenos Aires on April 17, 1951, daughter of an Argentine singer and an English mother who divorced when she was two.She and her younger brother lived in a small flat near the Tower of London with their mother, who worked as a legal secretary. OH: My mother took us away from Argentina when I was seven and my brother was six. So I asked her to find—I was fearless when I was small like that. But I just asked her to find a drama school, and she found a drama school in England, and we couldn't really because we had left Argentina with so little. And Miss Conti looked at me and laughed, and she said, "You know, I love your spunk." And she said, "I'll give you the chance." I said, "My mother can help in dribs and drabs but, really, I know I'm going to start working once I'm here. And then I started doing modeling and doing walk-on parts and you know. But it was like we loved each other—my big crush was on Franco. I just loved his genius and the way he worked and—you know, I was crushed when I found out he was gay. And that's when I kept saying, "I want to be an actress." G: When would you say you caught the acting bug?

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G: And as a child, playacting became a fun pursuit for you very early— OH: I wanted to be an actress from the age of four. OH: I feel very honored—and so is Leonard—to have been a part of it. I really want to make it a classic film that appeals to young people in fifty years from today." G: Yeah. OH: I get e-mails today from—on my web page—twelve, eleven-year-old kids. (The British accent helps.) The actor takes the stage on Valentine's Day at the Castro Theatre in a Marc Huestis Presents event which includes a special Q&A prior to a screening of the iconic film. Leonard Whiting, who brought the iconic Shakespeare character to life in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film classic "Romeo and Juliet," might just be San Francisco's most beguiling Valentine's gift this year."The extraordinary thing was that I felt so comfortable doing it," says Whiting. As for the 1968 movie – which won Oscars for best costumes and cinematography – Whiting attributes its longevity to a few things: "It was unashamedly romantic.

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