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If a variable annuity is annuitized for income, the income payments can vary based on the performance of the subaccounts.Variable annuities were introduced in the 1950s as an alternative to fixed annuities, which offer a guaranteed rate of interest.Regardless of how the subaccounts perform, a variable annuity death benefit ensures the annuity owner’s beneficiaries receive no less than the initial investment.Variable annuity investors pay for the cost of that protection through a mortality charge.

These vehicles, known as variable rate annuities because of the variability of the returns realized, began in 1952 as a funding vehicle for pension plans.When you invest in a variable annuity, your money is allocated among a preset selection of mutual fund accounts.Life insurance carriers negotiate with various mutual fund companies to have one or more of their funds placed inside the contract, and they’ll get anywhere from 15 to 50 sub-accounts for you to choose from.In the absence of tax advice from the bankruptcy administrator or your brokerage firm, WE are willing to stick our necks out and give you some guidance.After the Chapter 11 filing on September 29, 2008, your Washington Mutual Inc shares changed from ticker WM to WAMUQ to indicate bankruptcy status. The fomer common shares were cancelled and instead former common shareholders who opted in to the bankruptcy proceedings received the following for each share of Washington Mutual Inc:, no market exists to determine their fair market value in an established trading market.

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