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King Amanullah stressed the importance for young girls and women to receive an education.

Along with encouraging families to send their daughters to school, he promoted the unveiling of women and persuaded them to adopt a more western style of dress.

According to the UN, the rate of violence against Afghan women is on the rise, even as the number of civilian casualties have been dropping.

As western nations begin their draw-down, training and literacy programs are ramping up, in the hopes for a stronger role for the women of Afghanistan after 2014.

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Since the Taliban administration of Afghanistan fell in 2001, women's rights have significantly improved under the newly-formed Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and are much better than they were under former governments.Adult contains material of an adult nature relating to adult entertainment services.Before proceeding you must read, understand and agree to the following statements regarding Adult and the material within.The midwife working inside will often notice bruises on the women’s bodies. How to Wind up in a Moral Prison Sitting on the floor in a prison courtyard, six Afghan women, aged 18-57, form a semicircle facing one another.They take turns narrating their stories, describing why they were now in the prison.

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