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View full article → How to Text a Girl - You’re at a Friend’s party, and you're introduced to a woman that is exactly your type.You both hit it off, and there is no denying the chemistry between you too.But don’t worry, I also have a really great team behind me.Chris Shepherd (Aka Tenmagnet) will be in charge of marketing and developing the website.But before you could really get to know each other, her friends whisked her away.View full article → So you’ve met a woman you like. Maybe you’ve developed a friendship with her, or maybe she works at the coffee shop and you’ve never really spoke to her for more than a few moments.As a result some of the instructors have been coaching since early 2006. Then, they ask us to take a picture of the front and back of our driver's license and credit card, which I thought to be invasive, but, that too, was no biggie.Amsterdam (Holland) • Atlanta (US) • Austin (US) • Boston (US) • Brisbane (Australia) • Charlotte (US) • Chicago (US) • Cleveland (US) • Dallas (US) • Denver (US) • Detroit (US) • Dublin (Ireland) • Hong Kong • Houston-TX (US) • Las Vegas (US) • London (UK) • Los Angeles (US) • Manchester (UK) • Melbourne (Australia) • Mexico City • Miami (US) • Montreal (Canada) • Munich (Germany) • New Jersey (US) • New York (US) • Orlando-FL (US) • Perth (Australia) • Philadelphia (US) • Pittsburgh (US) • Portland (US) • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) • San Francisco (US) • Scottsdale (US) • Singapore • Sydney (Australia) • Tampa (US) • Toronto (Canada) • Vancouver (Canada) • Washington D. Then, we were informed that a camera crew would be filming our seminar and infield session.

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Or you’re about to head out on your first date, I’m going to give you the recipe for a fun night out.As you may know from this afternoon’s email, Nick Savoy has moved on from Love Systems and has handed over management of the company in an instructor-led buyout that is backed by an investor that has a great deal of experience in the online dating world.We really wish Nick the best of luck with his new business ventures and we’re extremely thankful for his leadership and mentorship over the past 10 years.Below is a list of all Love Systems Master Instructors and Love Systems Certified Instructors, the top two levels of Love Systems Instructor and the men who will normally be in charge of your training.Click any instructor’s name to see his full biography, videos, writings, blog, schedule, etc.

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