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A system and method for processing syndication information for a mobile device that includes: identifying a plurality of syndication servers to which a user of the mobile device subscribes; polling, at a first predetermined interval, the plurality of syndication servers to determine if syndication information on each the syndication server has been updated; if the syndication information has been updated, requesting and receiving updated syndication information; adapting the updated syndication information into a predetermined format, and sending the adapted syndication information to the mobile device.The sending of the adapted syndication information may also be performed at a predetermined interval.Oracle SES provides access to a variety of content repositories through a single gateway.

More information on RSS and RDF can be found on their official home pages, and respectively.

A popular use of the Internet is to review news articles, weblogs, or the like (generally referred to herein as “news articles”) on web sites.

Recently, more and more web sites are using syndication services such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or Resource Description Framework (RDF) services to provide syndication information.

This group owns the Oracle inventory, which is a catalog of all Oracle software installed on the system.

If Oracle software is installed on the system, then the existing Oracle Inventory group must be the primary group of the for the Oracle Inventory group.

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