Radeditor not updating content Im sex text chat

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The problem exists in all versions of Rad Editor, a WYSIWYG text editor manufactured by Bulgaria-based firm Telerik, according to security researcher G. Mc Namara, who disclosed the vulnerability on his blog late last week.

“Technically speaking, this is a massive hole in how existing input validation security filters work in unison,” Mc Namara said in an email Thursday to Threatpost regarding the vulnerability.

I can't reproduce it consistently but it is a concern.

Any info on this would be appreciated, Chris.- I am getting the same error, but I've narrowed it down to the line of code that causes the error, so hopefully this might help.

Not sure I hvae about 10 Update Panels on my web form, not sure if having that many can cause this as well. In my case it was the misspelling of the Update Method property of the Object Data Source attribute.You can configure which functions to appear in the text editor.For example, which buttons to display when a user opens the editor to leave a comment on the website.We will use the information you have provided to contact you in relation to your enquiry.Read more about how your data is used in our privacy policy These details will be used to create your primary login account for the service.

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