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‘I’m delighted to report that Val Hennessy, whose merciless journalism is the stuff of legend, has not mellowed with age.Ronald Tonks, hero of this highly amusing novel, lives in a shaky bungalow at Saltmarsh on the Kent coast. His wife has left him, his dog’s going bald, he’s battling with wonky teeth and online dating – and his horoscope says his life’s about to change dramatically.The phone was first picked up by another patron of the bar, and then handed off to an as-yet unnamed person who would end up selling it to Gizmodo.We’re taking Gizmodo’s word here that the i Phone prototype was not intentionally stolen from Powell, but picked up with innocent intentions.

The dating site’s motto comes from Psalm 37: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Christian Mingle reflects a move from broad dating pools like to niche markets of personal preferences and identities.Online dating has been in the mainstream for several years now—but not all online dating sites are conventional.Beyond, OKCupid, e Harmony and the like, there are hundreds if not thousands of somewhat bizarre websites for niche audiences.Powell sent an update to his Facebook profile saying how much he liked the beer (unrelated, but funny: a Facebook fan page has sprung up around his story), and updated his Twitter a few times–he was out celebrating his birthday, it turns out.And then he left the Haus, accidentally leaving his i Phone behind.

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