Sex dating nederlands belgium

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The casual observer in Germany might be forgiven for thinking the Germans are oversexed.

Sex education is part of the compulsory curriculum for primary and secondary schools.With all that stimulating material around, it's not surprising that young Germans apparently have sex on the brain.A newly-released World Health Organization (WHO) report on sexual habits among teenagers in 26 European countries reveals that German teens are quick off the mark when it comes to losing their cherry; the average age at which Germans -- both boys and girls -- first have sex is 16.2.Although the Netherlands is ahead of many countries when it comes to sexual and reproductive health education and attitudes, there are still some challenges for example the rising rate of STDS among teens.Condom usage among adolescents in the Netherlands is slightly below the European average, with 75% use compared to 78%. The costs for contraceptives (except condoms) are covered by the basic insurance program for adolescents until 21.

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