Spring ws payloadvalidatinginterceptor example

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This is a continuing series of articles whose purpose is to provide working examples of technologies integrated in a Spring based web application.

Our latest edition will join the previously integrated technologies which include: Jersey (REST), JPA, Hibernate, Java Script, AJAX and Groovy.

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We will be building and running our example using Apache Maven.

Unsupported Encoding Exception; import java.security.

Properties; public class Custom Validation Callback Handler extends Abstract Callback Handler implements Initializing Bean 3.0.6. RELEASE org.apache.directory.server apacheds-all 1.5.5 jar compile org.spring-ws-core $ org.springframework spring-webmvc $ org.springframework spring-web $ org.springframework spring-context $ org.springframework spring-core $ org.springframework spring-beans $ org.springframework spring-oxm $ org.spring-ws-security $ org.springframework.security spring-security-core $ org.springframework.security spring-security-ldap $ org.spring-ldap-core 1.3.0.

package javaitzen.spring.ws; import org.server.endpoint.annotation. The Digest Validator below can just be used directly from the Sun library, I was just wanted to see how it worked.

package javaitzen.spring.ws; import org.internal.security.exceptions.

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