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The 24-year-old told Mail Online that he had bought the tomato from a local supermarket. Wang, who studies mechanics at the Shenyang Institute of Technology, bought a few tomatoes on March 23 for two yuan (20p) per pound.

He took a bite of one of them at noon and realised there were no seeds inside.

”“Maybe it’s what you’d drink in the garden before the washing-machine delivery person came over and things got saucy.”“The sugar would give you an energy boost before all the sex.”“Well, I’m buzzed”. This drink tastes like that cream.” "This is the ultimate teenager drink""You always felt a little bit naughty asking the barperson for 'sex on the beach'.""This is pretty nice.""Yeah, that's quite drinkable.""It's good.

It deserves a more grown-up name than Sex on the Beach.""Classy Brunch With Friends.""Sophisticated Liaison.""Grown-Up Communicative Marriage That Still Allows Flirting.""Colleague That You Have a Crush on But That You Handle Like an Adult Because You Have Excellent Willpower.""It contains two pure fruit juices – it's probably good for you.""It's practically a health drink.

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Wang Xiaowen, a university student from Shenyang, has shot to fame in China after sharing pictures of his 'straw-mato' on social media on March 23, reported People's Daily Online.There's an excellent selection of craft beers, real ales, and artisan spirits, as well as tasty reliable food, and it's possible to buy a round with change from a tenner. It's been there for yonks, featuring kitsch booze stalwarts such as Sex on the Beach and Woo Woo, plus more mysterious concoctions with names like Purple Rain, but have you considered drinking them since that time you hit Nottingham city centre dressed as an inappropriately sexy schoolkid in 2002?You can get litre pitchers of Wetherspoon's cocktails for £8.99, less than the price of a single mixed drink in most bars, and there's not a jam jar in sight.Wang was so impressed by the tomato that he decided to posted the pictures on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.In the post, the man asked: 'Shall I carry on eating the tomato or not?

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